Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"..the jews, yes, the jews.."

Hmmm, the cause of much of the wickedness in the world? I don't know about that, but unsurprisingly, the US media stirred up such a controversy over that remark that even the hard truth soldiers Public Enemy were forced to drop Professor Griff in attempts at damage control. Its hard to make a legitimate message when one of your members is apparently just another jew-hating Muslim. But yo, Americans are so hyper-sensitive to anti-Semitism they think 'jew' is a racial slur.

Where PE really fucked up was not lettin' Griff bust a verse once in a while. Dude is fire:

360 degrees, its a cricle
a 10% baby, i birth him
correct him, then i leave him speechless
caressin his ego, then i teach him this lesson
to the so called negro, the chosen people
that is to grow up
to a freer level, of independence
well let me tell you what its all about...

Professor Griff & The LAD - Pawns In The Game

[More to come]


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