Monday, September 25, 2006

Certified Majestic

In the mixtape game, Neil Armstrong stands alone. With a strong emphasis on mixing, the the 5th Platoon DJ is also a master of selection, ignoring the staples of other mixtapes and instead digs into the crates of hip-hop, funk, soul and dance music. The results are dope as fuck, and beyond your average mix 'n' blend.

On his latest offering, The Certified Majestic Mixtape, Armstrong teams up with LA's own DJ Steve 1-Der to create the perfect soundtrack for parties, the road, or just sitting in your room smoking spliffs (my personal favorite). Alongside other Armstrong creations, its by far the most eclectic thing you'll find on, with cuts from the likes of Jaco Pastorius, the Native Tongues, Junior Senior, Willie DeVaughan and Led Zeppelin.

Like I Love You\It Takes Two\Da Mystery Of Chessboxin'
- Justin Timberlake\Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock\Wu-Tang Clan

And here's a slammin' three-track spread to give you an idea of the album's flow:

Kiss Me\Baby Dee - Konk\Digital Underground
Kiss Makes Me Happy - Digital Underground\Young & Co.
Strobelight Makes Me Happy - Young & Co.\Black Sheep

BONUS: The opener to the more Boom-Bap-oriented Filthy (2005) - this here's a classic in it's own right:

Who Got My Back?\New York Love - Trends Of Culture\Fat Joe, Jadakiss & Ja Rule\Nas\ Masta Ace\Indelible MC's



Blogger Haldan said...

thanks again for the love mang.

not quite as much partying as you might think, but with palms out beginning its night life endeavors, there will be tons of partying to come. it means a lot to me to hear that what i've shared has had an impact on your life... i hope i can keep coming correct! peace homie

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