Friday, August 18, 2006

Get Mad Now

I was kickin' it at We eat so many shrimp (I got iodine pois'nin..), reading a post by SergDun, and I nodding my head the whole time: "What Happened To Rappers Hating White People?" Now I love my 'conscious', mellowed-out hip-hop as much as the next white boy, but my favorite? That ol' Red, Black and Green, white devils never built no pyramids BOOM-BAP. Some Angry Black Man shit. It put me on a mission to put together a post of the angriest rap I had. But after the initial selections, It basically came down to a bunch of Ice Cube... but hey, Cube and Chuck D are arguably the angriest men in Hip-Hop, and O'Shea's musical contribution to the game is EXTREMELY over-looked....

Ice Cube - Endangered Species (ft. Chuck D)

2Pac - Last Wordz (ft. Ice Cube & Ice-T)

Kam - Watts Riot (ft. Ice Cube) <<<

But then I thought to myself - of COURSE there's still some Angry left in mainstream music! One of the reasons I've fallen in love with the South is their embracing of old skool hip-hop: the drum machines, the energy, rocking the crowd - and of course songs like this, with NY's GRIMIEST:
Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz - Heads Off (My Nigga) (ft. M.O.P.)

BONUS ANGRY RASTAMAN CUT: Sizzla - Pump Up Her Pum Pum


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