Friday, June 02, 2006

Don't Take Your Guns To Town, Dun

Gravy. A motherfucker I've never heard of, until he got banned from Hot 97 due to an altercation at the radio statio, where the generic NY thug rapper/retard got shot in the ass. The funny thing is, not only is Gravy being penalised for being shot, but the bullet came from one of his own homies.

Now, I love violent, hardcore rap just as much as the next whiteboy, but shit is getting ridiculous these days. Kids getting paralysed at G-Unit barbeques; Cassidy shooting the man who took the fall for him; motherfuckers thinking they're too hard... I have no problem with rappers having legitimate street cred (actually I prefer it), but too many of these kids are getting advances and using the money to fulfill their little crack fantasies.

Gravy turned up at Hot97 with "about 30 to 40 indiviuals(!?)" Lame. Now for some reason everyone gets into a panic, and Gravy's boy Homey The Clown starts to fire as he runs away, hitting his sugar daddy in the ass. I just wish the stray hit the MF in the head; it could only help stem the tide of stupidity.

Someone needs to read these kids a bedtime story.......

Slick Rick - Children's Story
from The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, Def Jam 1988


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