Sunday, September 11, 2005

African History Month - Hosted by Barbara Bush ...that cripple bitch

Yoh, I'm sorry I'm coming through so late with this post. Alot has happened throughout the audioblogosphere and even the world, and I've been busy with all kinds of bullshit.

No doubt the main things on people's minds has been Katrina, and Kanye's slander of our great leader. (Just kidding.) Self-promoting or not, I'm happy to see Kon pull shit like this. It harkens back to an era long ago when rap was controversial for its politics and not its preference for investing in diamonds and platinum. Sadly, the message has dumbed down a bit since then: 1989 - Public Enemy; 1999 - dead prez.

My disagreement isn't Kanye's questioning of our president (I was born in Sacramento), it's the way he slighted the extent of this power structure's indifference.

The Bushes always loved Negro music.

I was never under the impression that George Bush cared about black people. I'm sure their are a few black billionaire at some of those fundraisers... except when it comes to certain special interest groups. Bush is a Repubican for fuck's sake, and the Republican Party upholds the interest of the mega-rich and big business. The fact is, the majority of blacks in America are poor, and the politicians (democrats too) owned by special interests don't really care about poor people who can't give them funds.

George Bush doesn't care about poor people. Neither did his dad. Doesn't anyone remember the late 80s/early 90s? Even if you didn't follow the news, didn't you listen to hip-hop?

Ice Cube - A Bird In The Hand
From 'Death Certificate', 1991

>>>Now for an African point of view. Yes, send aid as fast as you can. What does the American government have all those resources for if not to aid its own citizens. But if this happened anywhere in the world, it would take weeks for shit to happen. And don't even think of asking for outside monetary aid.

A way that the Bush Administration is responsible for this is in their denial of the greenhouse effect and ending funding to related studies. You can't control the weather, but you can fuck with it. Weather is getting crazier and crazier each year.... we (Earthlings) just had the fuckin tsunami! We need to come correct, or things could get worse my friends.


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